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Our courses will take you a few hours to venture through and we’re sure you’ll be smiling ear to ear after conquering this mountaineering trip. There are rustic miner cabins and lodging on site so you can make your way over the night before your adventure and wake up to the crisp air in the Arkansas River Valley before you get ready for your action-packed day. When guests sign up for the Via Ferrata attraction they will be signing up for a guided climbing tour. Via Ferrata. The via ferrata can also be seen as a distinct step up from ordinary hiking. The Via Ferrata routes offer different levels of challenge and can cover up to 600 feet of vertical climbing. We had an amazing day taking in the beautiful sights of Bridal Veil Falls and the town of Telluride from 600 feet above while traversing across the cliff face on the Telluride Via Ferrata! #viafer, “People forget years and remember moments.” ~, Getting in those last few trips for this summer se, Getting some fresh air!! pc: @erin_leabu The Granite Via Ferrata will have you living on the edge after you zipline to your starting point. At its most intense, you're suspended on a small iron foothold by a harness at 500 feet. The 3-hour excursion is built at the base of the 14,000+ foot Collegiate Peaks and will have your heart pumping as you explore among the mountaintops in the beautiful Colorado Rockies. Mount Evans Via Ferrata. With climbers traversing up, down and across the riverside cliff, this is an adrenaline packed adventure that can’t be missed for thrill seekers. Our Buena Vista course is located in the heart of the Arkansas Valley. ... Black Canyon of the Gunnison, and Colorado National Monument. The Bridal Veil Falls are the highest free-falling waterfall in the entire state of Colorado. History The word Via Ferrata is Italian and means “Iron Road.” Telluride’s Via Ferrata is one of the most spectacular climbing experiences in the state. Come join AVA Rafting & Ziplining this season for the adventure of a lifetime. The granite Via Ferrata is in southern Colorado in the whitewater wonders of the world to the town of Buena Vista, CO. There are 2,000 via ferratas across Western Europe, but less than a dozen in the United States. Once you’ve caught the extreme sports bug, other Colorado Via Ferrata courses you can try are in Idaho Springs on Mount Evans, Buena Vista, Cañon City in the Royal Gorge, Manitou Springs at Cave of the Winds Park, Telluride, and (coming in 2020) Arapahoe Basin. See all details on our Deals page. Adventure for the whole family in the Switzerland of America! Colorado now has four via ferratas. If you’re looking for a challenging and exhilarating adventure, this one’s for you. email, @ 2020 Friends of Via Ferrata • All rights reserved, Thank you to everyone who made this season possibl, Shoutout to everyone who helped make our last week. Mountaintop Via Ferrata course 3 hour tour It was an unforgettable day, and the highlight of an amazing week in southern Colorado. With years of outdoor rock climbing experience, and a solid climbing science education, I felt perfectly safe doing the Via Ferrata in Telluride. First of all, our guides are some of the best trained in the country. In fact, I took several badass women with more limited climbing experience with me. Conversely, the modest equipment requirements, ability to do them solo, and potential to cover a lot of ground mean that via ferratas can also appeal to more experienced climbers. The Telluride Via Ferrata ended up being a super fun, intense, and exhilarating experience. Hiking Via Ferrata - Telluride, Colorado Another one that has been on my radar for a while now. You’ll venture among the treetops above the Arkansas River Valley, traverse across the valley’s notorious granite cliff-faces,  and catch breathtaking views of the Collegiate Peaks on this course. Peak Mountain Guides is an equal opportunity service provider. AVA is Colorado’s premier adventure guide for many different reasons. Located on the north‐facing and south‐facing limestone cliffs that surround the Canyon Adventure Course are four (4) via ferrata routes consisting of a series of traverses and climbs protected by flexible life lines and anchors. The Iron Way can be found in Idaho Springs, CO. Just 30 minutes west of downtown Denver, our Idaho Springs Outpost is home to the original Iron Way: Colorado Via Ferrata! Exhale Fear. #ourayviaferrata #ourayicepark, Inhale Sky. This browser does not support html5 video. Located in the Uncompahgre Gorge adjacent to the Ouray Ice Park, this exciting new attraction extends the fun from winter to summer. 735 Main Street Recently completed in 2020, the Ouray Via Ferrata is Colorado's newest adventure route. The route is not particularly strenuous and does not require climbing skills; however, it is a trail that follows a narrow ledge system on an immense cliff, so it does deserve a healthy dose of respect. It is a perfect activity for building a team and group. Conveniently located just 30 minutes west of Denver, AVA’s Mount Evans Via Ferrata is equipped with iron rungs along the cliffside, multiple suspended bridges, and even a few ziplines that will fly you over Chicago Creek to conclude your adventure. This tour is an unforgettable Colorado experience! We used Peak Mountain Guides and our guide, Spence, was awesome! For those who wish to keep is simple the “standard” route is mostly hiking with exposed sections of cable. Ouray Via Ferrata Colorado’s newest adventure route, recently completed in Spring 2020, winds an engaging and varied course climbing along the cliffs of the famed Uncompahgre Gorge. The Ouray Via Ferrata is a new feature for summer or 2020 and promises to thrill and excite even the most seasoned climber while offering kids a family-friendly experience. Starting in 2020, that number will go up by one with the opening of a new route in Ouray, Colorado. Colorado Via Ferrata has two thrilling courses in Colorado! The “iron road” is now available in central Colorado with the Captain Zipline Via Ferrata. Check out some of our current deals and get your mountain getaway set up for the most affordable price. Tellurides Via Ferrata is a must-do if you are an adventurous traveler. Take advantage of our multi-adventure packages at both the Buena Vista and Idaho Springs outposts! AVA’s Granite via ferrata in Buena Vista starts at 8,700 feet in elevation and gains 220 feet in a little more than a mile. This experience will test your limits as you traverse across the rock faces. #ouraycolorado #ourayvia, Come join us on the #ourayviaferrata and see the f, “Because it’s there.” ~ George Mallory Colorado Via Ferrata has two thrilling courses in Colorado! HIGHLIGHTS. Royal Gorge Bridge and Park is the type of place daredevils dream about, and the groundbreaking via ferrata takes the adventure to new levels. Ouray, CO 81427 You’ll feel safe navigating the cliffside on our Via Ferrata courses and your guides will be there to help you along the way. You'll traverse the cliffs high above the historic mining town, across planked bridges, rappel down 70 feet and zipline back to the outpost. Each course takes you mountaineering across the cliffside and integrates exciting elements across the course. The Via Ferrata is easily combined with multi-pitch rock climbing and additional technical variations. Check back for great deals on trips! This exciting course is our original Via Ferrata and is located conveniently just 30 minutes from downtown Denver. If you’re wanting a true Rocky Mountain experience, head a bit further west to AVA’s Buena Vista location. Via ferratas are an extremely popular sport in the European Alps and now you can experience that thrill here in Estes Park, Colorado! Every guide starts out in a thorough training course to become proficient in all the gear, safety measures and course procedures. The Iron Way can be found in Idaho Springs, CO. What makes AVA's Colorado Via Ferratas Special. Located just 30 minutes west of I-70 on the cliffside above Idaho Springs, this venture is a combination of ladders, rungs, carved steps, and bridges and will have you on the edge all morning. This exciting course is our original Via Ferrata and is located conveniently just 30 minutes from downtown Denver. The via ferrata in Telluride, also known as the “Krogerata,” was the brain child of renowned climber and local builder, Chuck Kroger. Pricing is estimated to land at $85 per trip, which includes a climb up the via ferrata … #ou, Know More About the #ourayviaferrata safety approv, “Climbing may be hard but it’s easier than gro, “Every mountain top is within reach if you just, The Ouray Via Ferrata will be closed due to a wint, Climbing - Another great activity where the main g, “It is not not the mountain we conquer, but ours, Why hello there! Via Ferrata is Italian for Iron Way, and refers to installing iron steps and other aids up difficult rock sections of peaks in the mountains. Each climber will be provided with a specially designed Via Ferrata harness system, helmet and gloves. In this blog post, I share some photos and important info so you can plan your own excursion on the Via Ferrata. Idaho Springs is home to AVA’s Cliffside Zipline and Mount Evans Via Ferrata course. The rushing river below adds extra excitement, as the route makes its way through the Uncompahgre Gorge. It was a great way to push my comfort level on exposed terrain, and the views of Telluride from the Via Ferrata can’t be beat. Overview Via Ferrata routes are quite common in Europe. Once you arrive at one of our outposts and get geared up, you’ll go through ground school to learn all the do’s and don’ts of traversing on your Via Ferrata excursion. Ouray Via Ferrata Halloween Bash!! The Via Ferrata in Telluride, Colorado is an awesome experience for seasoned adventure junkies. It combines mountain hiking with the traditional via ferrata ladder/cable systems. Opened in 2020, the Ouray Via Ferrata is the state’s latest, and another gem in Southwest Colorado. The adrenaline rush from being suspended solely by a harness and carabineers 500 feet above the ground cannot be replicated. Colorado Via Ferratas. The Mount Evans Via Ferrata is the newest thrilling adventure in the Denver area! Try out AVA’s newest adventure this year and book a trip on the Granite Via Ferrata. The Telluride Via Ferrata is a serious undertaking that provides a unique and spectacular way to experience the high country of southwest Colorado. Only experienced hikers, climbers and adventurers should attempt this 3 mile route without a guide. Our zip line tops off your adventure at the end of your via ferrata tour! Charles Frederick “Chuck” Kroger was a pioneering climber, ultra runner, cyclist, master craftsman, and mountain renaissance man who left this world too soon. The age limit for participation at the Cave of the Winds’ via ferrata will likely be set at 12 and up, with groups as large as eight at a time (accompanied by two guides) able to tackle the route. A via ferrata (Italian for "iron path", plural vie ferrate or in English via ferratas) is a protected climbing route found in the Alps and certain other locations.The term "via ferrata" is used in most countries and languages except notably in German-speaking regions, which … Colorado’s newest Via Ferrata is situated at the base of the Collegiate Peaks. This charming town is situated at the base of the towering 14,000+ foot Collegiate Peaks along the Arkansas River. The term via ferrata means “iron road” in … AVA Rafting & Zipline’s newest via ferrata , the Granite Via Ferrata, is located in Buena Vista, Colorado. Many sections of the route are un-cabled to add technical mountaineering elements (something Chuck cherished). The Telluride Via Ferrata (the Krogeratta) has a route that goes up to 600 feet above the forest on the ground level below. Mountain Trip is pleased to be the only Telluride-based guide service permitted to offer trips on both the Ouray Via Ferrata and Telluride Via Ferrata . Originated in the Alps more than 100 years ago, via ferratas are mountain routes made of steel cables and iron rungs that make it easier to scramble across steep, rocky terrain. Reminiscent of European Via Ferrata, it's complete with vertical climbing sections, traverses, a fun ladder ascent, and a single-cable balance bridge. Towering high above the Arkansas River Valley, this course incorporates traversing along the cliffside on iron rungs and multiple forms of assisted rock climbing. Along with our Via Ferrata adventure courses, you can hop on a raft for a whitewater rafting adventure for a full day in the Colorado outdoors. While climbing the Telluride Via Ferrata, climbers have an amazing view of the Bridal Veil Falls. The brand new Ouray Via Ferrata, located in the Ouray Colorado's famous Uncompahgre Gorge. Idaho Springs, Colorado. It emerged from the wild mind and unrelenting hands of a local legend. Our Buena Vista course is located in the heart of the Arkansas Valley. Here's a look at AVA's Granite Via Ferrata at our Buena Vista, Colorado location. Just over 30 minutes west of Denver into the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, AVA’s Mount Evans Via Ferrata makes the perfect weekend getaway if you’re on the hunt for an adventure. Are you ready for a challenging adventure? With a plethora of summer adventures available and so many outfitters, it’s hard to pick the best one. Join us Oct. Our fantastic first season of the #ourayviaferrata, Seasons not over yet!! Telluride's Via Ferrata is not for the faint-hearted, but it's a must-do for any adrenaline junkie or to-the-core adventure seeker stopping by. 970-946-2089 The Ouray Via Ferrata route begins off the Ice Park Loop trail at the South end of the New Funteer access trail and crosses the Uncompahgre River, continuing North and ending just past the “Upper Bridge”.. The Royal Gorge Via Ferrata is the newest one-of-a-kind experience at the Royal Gorge Bridge and Park in Colorado! You can also package your Via Ferrata adventure with a Clear Creek rafting trip! It features a range of heights, from just a little bit over the Uncompahgre River to several hundred feet over Ouray’s Uncompahgre Gorge. Rappel down a rock face, ascend crags, and cross multiple suspended bridges on the Granite Via Ferrata. Our course is geared toward the inexperienced climber and our safety equipment is designed to keep you on course. #ouraycolorado #ouray #, Wayfarer Ferrata Design – Matt Hepp/Chris Haaland. Join us on this 3 hour tour that includes cliff traversing, rappelling, a 50-foot quick fall and ziplining.You will join our experienced guides on the cliffside above Idaho Springs and Chicago Creek for this Colorado via ferrata tour. Head into the Colorado Rocky Mountains to indulge in AVA’s newest adventure, the Granite Via Ferrata. Perched among the treetops above the historic mountain town, you’ll catch incredible views of the Continental Divide on this trip… just don’t look down. AVA’s Idaho Springs outpost is located only 30 minutes west of downtown Denver, making an afternoon adventure in the mountains entirely doable. The Best Via Ferrata Attraction in Colorado — The Royal Gorge Via Ferrata. They began in World War I as a means to move troops and equipment over difficult mountainous terrain. Telluride's Via Ferrata, "Iron Way", is truly unique.

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