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Remember, availability does change and documents at this site lag behind reality. Our sister business Cycad Connections has a website dedicated to cycads. Notes: Measurement - Caudex (trunk) size is the largest dimension, either height or diameter, using inches and feet. Sunlight. $49. When we find an individual clone of hardy palm tree growing in a particularly cold climate, we do what all good plant nurseries do, we propagate it for our plant catalog! Jeff Chemnick's rare plant nursery, where botanical specimen are for sale right out of the gardens! We provide: Healthy potted palms and cycads suited to the moderate Mediteranean climate of Southern California; Palms and cycads for sale at competitive pricing Trachycarpus, Sabal, Butia, Cycas, Dioon, and many more. Home: Photo Gallery: For Sale: Features: Plant Care : Nursery Cycads for Sale in San Diego, CA. Cycads For Sale. Welcome to Botanic Wonders. Open by appointment only! Cycads. $100. $139. Wind Tolerance. Comes in a normal & a dwarf form. Explore 15 listings for Cycad for sale in South Africa at best prices. Cycads for sale.Nice thick bases.Big cycads in small pots not small cycads in big pots.Well worth the money.You would not be able to buy them this size that cheap. We are continually on the hunt for new cold hardy palms and hardy cycads. Cycads are evergreen perennials with stout woody trunks and glossy, leathery, arching pinnate leaves in a terminal rosette. Cycads truly are living fossils - one of the oldest plant groups known on earth! Cones are yellow green, leaves bright green. 6. $199. All the photos on our website are from our breeding stock, display plants and plants in the nursery. 0. E-mail: Minimum domestic order is $100.00 in plants - Minimum international order is $ 400.00 in plants California customers will be charged 7.75% sales tax unless they supply CA resale #. Rhopalostylis sapida : 20 gal SOLD! Cycads for sale (Encephalartos) R 12,345 I have the following cycads for sale :E eugene maraissii 13cm @ R150/cmE princeps 16cm @ R90/cmE nubimontanus varying from 10cm to 16cm @R140/cmE longifolius 10cm @ R80/cmE lanatus 12cm @ R60/cmE laevifolius Mariepskop R2000.Contact Johan at … These cycads may grow up to 4m tall. South Africa Eastern Cape E. aplanatus aplanatus This cycad grows in the North-eastern part of Swaziland, in full shade and dry riverine forest. We have a great online selection at the lowest prices with Fast & Free shipping on many items! only at cycad world of innovations!!! Search. Specializing in rare cycads, palms, and succulents. The stem is solitary with the apex exposed above ground level and produces fewer leaves (4-5) than the E.Villosus (8-10). Cycads are beautiful plants that will enhance any garden, park or field. More Information About Hardy Palms and Cycads. Tom Broome - The Cycad Jungle P.O. Cycads for Sale - South Africa is a group for cycad enthusiasts with a focus on buying and selling cycads in South Africa.. Buy and Sell Group Cycads. Sabal mauritiformis : 15 gal 1 was SOLD! It boasts a stunning landscaped garden with an exquisite collection of rare and endangered cycads. We source and grow a wide selection of quality palms, cycads, subtropical plants and succulents. Last update : 05/01/2020 Birchleigh, Kempton Park Oct 3. There you can find images and plant sizes typically available for the following, as well as a full collector's cycad list: Cycas revoluta - Sago Palm Cycas taitungensis Dioon spinulosum and mejaei Trade Login. Cycads for Sale - South Africa has 2,777 members. It is an evergreen quick-growing cycad, up to 6.5 m high and with a stem or trunk of about 0.4 m in diameter. Most are … Sabal mexicana : 5 gal. Alberton, Gauteng Oct 2. Cycads,cycad nursery,San Diego,blue cycads,african cycads,mexican cycads,australian cycads, rare cycads,specimen,instant landscape,hardy palms,brazil, cycads for sale … Landscaping Ideas, Caring for Palm Trees and Expert Advice. Possibly the most popular blue leaved cycad of all. CYCADS for Sale. cycad prices cycads - a quick review of these plants information on all species of encephalartos species best cycads for southern california and similar climates usage of cycads in the landscape cycad photo gallery Cycads Unlimited is a cycad nursery in Pretoria. R 220 Cycads. Find the best Cycads price! Once the diet of dinosaurs, now available to enhance your subtropical landscape in modern times. Find information on cycad species and how to acquire these rare plants. All sizes are approximate. Located in Santa Barbara. We are able to supply in small and commercial quantities an extensive range of Cycads suitable for a wide diversity of climatic conditions. We deliver Nationwide. Cycad International stock list features one of the World’s largest range of rare and exotic Cycads for commercial buyers, landscape designers and home gardeners around the world. $39. Welcome to Ice Blue Cycads Nursery. Sago Palm Cycad revoluta. Quality palms, cycads, subtropical plants, bromeliads & succulents. Cycads for sale in South Africa. We breed and sell a large variety of Encephalartos species in sizes ranging from seedling to stemmed plants. This includes many tens of thousands of cycads. Worldwide shipping. 8. The cheapest offer starts at R 20. top up your collection before christmas!!! In very mature specimens large cones appear on the male Cycads and large flowers on the females. Fresh seeds at fair prices. Highly ornamental. 1. 13. R 4,250 Cycads for sale… $219. thank you for reading about our african cycads for sale . $39. At any one time we have around 145 000 plants as seedlings, juveniles or ready to sell stock. $19. A highly ornamental blue leaved South African cycad that is highly prized by plant lovers and collectors. Encephalartos Altensteinii ~ (South Africa) Recommended. Eastleigh Ridge, Edenvale Oct 8. Cycads for Sale. another 200 cycads at 50% discount, watch the list to follow!!! Africa Cycads is a supplier of cycads in South Africa. 50% down from the catalogue, red dot sale, find it and it is yours. Sabal etonia : 3 gal. R 1 Revoluta cycads. 1st 2 customers to receive the book " cycad care" 10 st customers to receive a sprouted moringa tree!!!!! Dozens of Cycads species to choose from. The caudex size will always take precedence over container size for pricing purposes. Scaly Zamia- selling out fast Lepidozamia Peroffskyana. Cycads for Sale: Discover why most people say we have the best offering of rare palms and cycads in the country. Apart from their unrivelled beauty, Cycads also grow in value as it grows in diameter. Wide range of Landscape Grade Mature Palms. Sabal minor : 5 gal. Categories. Encephalartos horridus for sale, Licensed nursery that specializes in rare and blue cycads specifically Encephalartos, Dioon We specialize in these rare and interesting plants that have graced this earth for over 250 million years! November 2020 - Covid-19 update: We remain open to public throughout the … Burrawang ... On Sale! Frost Tolerance. We offer a large selection of species for mailorder or pickup. We sell rare and blue cycads specializing in Encephalartos and Dioon species Apply filter. Cycads seeds sold in packet sizes from two to 100,000 seeds. Cycadophyta have been our specialty for over 40 years. A wide selection of Cycad Plants for sale UK including unbeatable special offers. 2 x Cycad Palms - large. 1. Rhapis laoensis x humilus "Alicia" (see Special Sale Special tab) 5 gal 18 were SOLD! Cycads for sale Cycad Dioon spinulosum PLANT Giant Dioon Gum Palm live 2 gal Nice : 34,95 R | Cycad - Ad posted by b.brown: 1000 R | 10 Seeds Macrozamia Commu| 16/11/2020. Our collection includes all the South African Encephalartos species and a number of African species. A medium large cycad to 5m forming clumps of 2 or 3 stems. We have for sale over 250,000 palms, cycads and tropical plants of approximately 1000 species. Cycad Specialists has approximately 1000 Cycad plants of various species in the process of being grown to be sold to Cycad lovers. Visit our store to buy your own. Hundreds of aloe, agave, cycad, cactus, and succulents for sale. Palm and Cycad Exchange is a family-owned business specializing in buying and selling palms and cycads. R 300 Cycads for sale. 15 gal, 8 to 15 stems 6 were SOLD! Encephalartos natalensis is a species of cycad that is found in Qumbu and Tabankulu areas of the northern part of the Eastern Cape, through most of KwaZulu-Natal up to the upper catchment areas of the Mkuze and Umfolozi rivers near Vryheid in South Africa. "Grower of fine cycads and palms" - Cycads - Palms - Specials - Other Plants - - PhotoGalleries - Cycad Pollen - P.O.Box 1161, Fallbrook, CA 92088 - Phone : 760-666-7817 E-mail: Thanks for visiting! new grades available. Cycads . Get the best deals for cycad at Grows in the sub-tropics and as far south as Melbourne. A hardy adaptable cycad, easy to grow. Cones are blue/grey to brown. 2 x cycad palms, well established and pretty healthy. 2. 5 gal 1 was SOLD! OLX South Africa offers online, local & free classified ads for new & second hand Home, Garden & Tools. Angle Vale, SA. Indian Rock Cycads and Palms, located in Southern California, is a wholesale/retail nursery having about 2250 mature, rare and exotic cycads such as Ceratozamia, Cycas, Dioon, Encephalartos, Lepidozamia, Macrozamia, Zamia. Grown as a specimen tree, Cycas Revoluta will give your garden a real wow factor. Check it out! Exclusive Cycads’ retail nursery is located in the northern suburbs of Pretoria, Gauteng. clearance sale!!! Buy Palms and Cycads for New Zealand Gardens. spring sale. for more cycad information and pricing, see links below . Box 93624 Lakeland, FL 33804 Phone (863) 984-2739 Height (Max) Temperature.

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